The training at ACT is extremely focused and effective. We bring together the very best of the three most critical elements of any training programme: an effective trainer, relevant training content and conducive training facilities. We strongly believe in promoting close interactivity between our course lecturers and the participants. Regardless of whether the course offered is a specifically tailored inhouse programme, a public seminar or a CPD programme, our participants have found our training to be highly relevant and applicable in their work or personal development.

Feedback Evaluation forms are distributed at the end of each of our courses. All our participants are encouraged to provide a frank and open feedback on the quality of our training, the effectiveness of our trainers and the suitability of our training facilities. This is essential as it gives us a chance to improve ourselves through understanding our participants' needs.

A concise and comprehensive report on our training compiled from this feedback is always conveyed back to our trainers, and in the case of an inhouse programme to the client company as well. This includes detailed comparisons of different runs of the same course to show changes in quality and standards in a "blow-by-blow" analysis style. This enables an evaluation of the effectiveness of the training provided as well as commits us to ensure that we continue to retain a high standard of care towards all our programmes. This "partnership" approach to training allows ACT to provide programmes that are as effective and useful as possible to all our clients.

As examples, below are summarised course evaluations for "Curriculum Coverage" and for "Trainer" from a few of our courses held in October of 2003;

  • Professional Indemnity for the Engineering Profession (Module I)
    - Professional Liability

    1st October
  • Professional Indemnity for the Engineering Profession (Module II)
    - Professional Indemnity Insurance

    3rd October
  • Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing (Module I)
    7th October
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) & Detection of Money Laundering (Module II)
    8th October
  • Project Financing - Viability and Feasibility Assessment
    9-10th October

Achieva Training makes a serious commitment to providing a comprehensive and value-driven training regime in all of our courses.

Our uncompromising attitude towards quality in our training is clearly reflected in ratings provided by course participants that are consistently above average.

Our trainers are selected from top industry leaders in their fields of expertise. We fully understand that a good trainer is the key to any effective course.

A high standard of excellence is actively maintained to ensure that our trainers continually strive to improve themselves, both in their delivery as well as in course content.


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