Why Inhouse?

  • It is definitely more cost effective
  • It allows a lot more flexibility of time
  • It promotes staff interaction, enhances team-building and increases motivation in the organisation
  • It allows confidential and sensitive issues to be raised and discussed inhouse, hence allowing attendees to gain practical skills and first-hand knowledge
  • It allows customisation of course curriculum to suit the organisation's training needs

    "Customised to your Specific Needs"

ACT has developed a good pool of qualified trainers whose experience and expertise can be ideally matched to your unique or specific training requirements, whether it is in an area in banking and finance, accounting related or soft skills training. There is flexibility of combining different disciplines with one or more trainers.

Our aim is to offer the widest choice of quality training programmes conducted by qualified trainers to help your organisation achieve the best training results.

As long as you have a viable class size and a training need, we would be pleased to work with you. After the initial needs assessment of your training, ACT will design the inhouse programmes specifically to suit and meet your organisation's training objectives.

What can you expect from an ACT Training Programme?
You would have exacting training requirements with the specific aim to improve the overall productivity and ultimately, profitability of your company. ACT understands this and will ensure that this is always first and foremost in our minds when we put any training programme together. Working closely with you, we are able to custom-tailor programmes by infusing into the courses data and case studies specific to your industry or company. With inhouse programmes, you retain the closest of confidentiality to enable confidential and sensitive issues to be raised and discussed in open and frank analysis and discussions as opposed to "generic" public courses which by its very nature, have to cater to the participants across the board.

Our clients expect to be engaged. This means it is our commitment to you that we continually engage our clients and our trainers in a partnership approach with pre- and post-course analysis, in an overall effort to ensure the very best of delivery methods are used, and that any training is conducted only at optimum effectiveness to the client.

Inhouse CE / CPD Programmes
As a provider of Continuing Education and Professional Development Programmes, ACT has also been actively involved in helping firms upgrade Professionals working within their organisations. These programmes draw on the strength of our banking and finance programmes, bringing concise and relevant programmes to non-finance and finance Professionals alike.

For more information regarding our inhouse programmes;
drop up an e-mail at training@act.com.sg or
contact one of our Programme Consultants at (65) 6224 7473.

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