Who We Are...
Achieva Training (ACT) is focused on the need for sustained human capital development in the banking and financial sector. ACT strongly believes that, in a radically evolving global economy, quality continual learning and upgrading can be provided at a cost-effective price, and only through effective skills upgrading can a banking or financial institution best position itself at the forefront of the industry.

ACT strives to help make the difference... in critical skills enhancement, professional expertise, and career advancement for financial sector executives. Established in 2001, ACT provides both public courses as well as custom-tailored in-house training, concentrating it's programmes on critical and competitive areas of banking and finance to provide skills enhancement, professional expertise, and career advancement for financial sector executives. This approach requires us to be highly selective in terms of quality, relying on our core strengths of Reputable and Experienced Course Leaders and Efficiency in Course Coordination and Management.

As a provider of Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPDR / PEB-CPD / CMFAS) Programmes, ACT has also been actively involved in helping firms upgrade Professionals working within their organisations. These programmes draw on the strength of our banking and finance programmes, bringing concise and relevant programmes to non-finance and finance Professionals alike.

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ACT in the World...
Bringing together as course leaders the very best in industry leaders, ACT continues to meet the ever-changing needs for skilled manpower in Singapore, as well as to export our expertise into the region. Suitably situated in a strong and mature financial centre like Singapore, Achieva Training is uniquely poised to reach into regional financial markets and to serve as a bridge for new ideas and cross-border interaction between banking and finance professionals from all over. Our courses have been successfully run with participants coming from as far afield as Africa and East Asia, and since 2002 ACT has also been involved in conducting an on-going series of in-house programmes in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

Our Vision...
ACT is a quality-training institute. ACT's provision of financial training courses is fully aligned with the aspirations of the banking and finance community for continuous learning and relevant skills training. In the efforts to build Singapore into a world class financial centre, we aim to facilitate and deliver the highest standards in continuing education and training for the banking and finance sector in response to the growing demand for upgrading of skill levels.

Our Mission...
ACT undertakes to help make the difference for banking, finance and management professionals who want to make the difference in their skills development, professional expertise, career advancement and organisation competitiveness.

Singapore Government Grants...
With the benefit of close governmental support, ACT continues to maintain a high standard in course content and relevance.


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